Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cam Browne's Ongoing Quest For Political Martyrdom

It's a well-known fact that I have an ongoing vendetta with ACT on Campus.

It's a slightly less well-known fact that foremost among the reasons for said vendetta are the continuing antics of AoC Auckland's hilariously inept former Vice President Cameron "Get Raped" Browne.

Here's Cam acting creepily around unsuspecting women while on the campaign trail. 

What's made my evening tonight though, is news that CWB is being investigated by the New Zealand Police for breaching the Electoral Act 1993 by electioneering on election day (maximum fine $20,000).

Handily, he was quite blatant with his offending, which appears to have been some sort of attempt at political protest. Personally, I hope they book him for the full $20k (which works out at around $2222.22 per word).

I'm sure Cam's absolutely ecstatic that he got exactly what he wanted out of this one. He's back in the national media, he gets to put his espoused principles to the test as a financial & legal martyr, and his apparent cause celebre of freedom of speech at any cost (this time hopefully paid out of his own pocket) gets more public exposure.

As Don Brash lookalike and presumed ACT sympathizer/financier C. Montgomery Burns would say...


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