Thursday, 23 February 2012

3News takes over the Labour Party

Recently a former leader of the Labor party announced his plans to retake his old position. Apparently (if this evening's edition of 3News is to be believed), Phil Goff's trying to do the same thing right down to his use of a foreign affairs press conference to make it public.

As Campbell would say, "Maaaarvellous".

Obviously this isn't a serious stab, but it's refreshing from this commentator's position to observe that inside 12 months 3News has gone from trying to overthrow Goff's leadership of Labour via misstatement to misstating Goff as leader.

Could this indicate Shearer's leadership honeymoon is over...?

Are the knives out?

Should they instead be out inside the editing room?

Stay tuned for more in this, the most recent Labour Leadership Challenge!

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